The Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) would like to wish all South Africans and our members in particular a safe festive holidays and a prosperous new year.

We would like to advice that we shall close our offices on December 18, 2014 and will only open next year
January 3, 2015.

As an organisation we have grown in the last 12 months and have managed to increase staff compliment to equal the increase in programs we have undertaken as an organisation. Among some of the new programs is the Human Rights Education project which is aimed at fighting witchcraft based violence and ritual killings. Towards this end we have rolled our workshops throughout the country to educate healers on human rights and the country’s constitution. We have also held seminars where we allowed our members to dialogue on human rights issues and other issues affecting healers in the Republic.

Our work has centered mainly on educating Traditional Health Practitioners on human rights as well as their patients’ rights as a way of undermining instances where they accuse others of witchcraft or even engage in ritual killings. It is for that reason that we have been encouraged by the Ministry of Traditional Affair’s commitment to work side by the side with the THO in reaching out to all victims of witchcraft based violence

and well as ensuring that there is speedy resolving of their cases by law enforcement agencies.

Our work has had desirable impact as more healers now appreciate their responsibility to uphold the constitution of the Republic as well as defend their own rights in the course of their work. We note with excitement that a Traditional Healer in North West was able to expose a Councillor who wanted to kill the premier and thereby set a benchmark that Traditional Healers will not be involved in any killings but only save lives.

We hope that our continued education exercises will continue to expose such evil doings and to help distance us from unscrupulous healers who engage in unethical practices all in the name of traditional medicine.

We say once again, NOT IN OUR NAME!!
Next year we shall intensify these trainings while simultaneously continuing with the primary health care education we engage in daily.

Statement issued by THO National Coordinator
Phephisile Maseko


After years of consultations, hard work and dedication to the cause of the ordinary people of our country and respect for indigenous knowledge, and what appeared to be outright sabotage by our competitors, the THO is proud to introduce to you our new look.Our website has been improved to attract new visitors and provide you with all the needed and expected information on both our work and developments within government. Furthermore, we would like to introduce to you our revised mission as:

"THO is an organisation that organises, trains and certifies traditional health practitioners. It fights for member’s rights to practice the tradition of healing. We also assure the values, quality of treatment, efficacy, safety and ethical standards of member practitioners. Empowering healers of Africa to heal the continent".

The primary reason of this space is to enable our friends, far and wide to appreciate the struggles the THO has been engaged in since its formation decades ago. Our organization continues to wage constructive battles against repressive laws and attitudes meant to undermine the essential basics of human rights, of which access to and practice of traditional medicine are fundamental components.

This website hopefully would become a chronicler of events leading to the current status of traditional health practice in our country. For too long policy makers and their implementers have reduced indigenous knowledge to kindergarten and after thought affair. The lobby by pharmaceutical cartels has NEVER been more voracious and wicked than witnessed in the last 15 years of our democratic experience; the cartels sought to seriously destroy the gains made by the THO. The political economy of health allows for pharmaceutical drug peddlers to rubbish the innovations and creativity of traditional health. Our people must remain vigilant to ensure that the sustained attacks by pharma lobbyist are defused, as we seek hard to elevate the beauty that is traditional health. I wish you good health as you comb this space for valuable information and knowledge.

In conclusion, we invite you to join us in welcoming the millions of people who will be visiting the mother land, our ancestry land. let us take great care of them and ensure they take away with them great memories of the people of Africa. SIYANAMUKELA and do feel at home. Amathongo anisikelele!

Re lebogile go etelwa ke wena mo tsatsing la lehono! Thokoza!!

Phephisile Maseko, National Coordinator









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Invitation to the public from the THO Stakeholder management and Communication Department

As part of improving services offered by healers particularly member practitioners, the organisation has designed a Code of Ethics policy which details how a true healer should practice the art of healing. further to that the organisation has seen it fit to accompany that policy with a complaint form to allow the public that utilise our services to write into us and register their complains formally using this form. Once the form has been completed, we request the public to then Fax to Sphiwe Manana on 011 337 2589 / You may then contact the office to verify if indeed delivered. Do not forget to put up your contact details for further communication.

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