In THO we dream about healing Africa and making a major change for its people. For this we need your help. You can be involved in prevention, education, support and care programmes and community development initiatives we run. If you feel that you have something to offer, please contact the THO office in your area or the Head Office. We have lots of experience and know-how and will support you to make an important contribution to your local community. Even if you just become a member of THO you are supporting us making an important difference for Africa.

National Secretariat

Physical addres:

Level 3; Zionist Centre,
Cnr. 16 Banket & Devilliers Street,
Johannesburg 2001

Postal Address:
3722 Johannesburg 2001


(011) 337 6177
(011) 337 2589


How do I become a THO Activist?

THO has a large membership that is wide spread and constantly needs to be serviced through training, awareness raising seminars, give update on relevant proposed legislations, assistance with understanding these policies and laws, organization of events and starting up of developmental initiatives in communities where members live. With such a great number of members looking up to the organization to both facilitate and/ or deliver we call upon all members, families and patients to assist in this task.

This situation contributes most significantly to the fact that we realy heavily on members to assist in this responsibility. THO Activists are involved in virtually every aspect of Prevention, Education, Support and Care Programmes, across the country, and who, the level of quality care and support to our community would be much reduced. It is inspiring to see that year by year many of our members and healers are showing good signs of willingness to give their time to help others.

There are around 29.000 members currently of which some are activists in South Africa willing to assist in every way possible toward community development and quality healing. You will see them patrolling our streets, providing health care services at minimal rates or at absolutely no cost to patient, rendering entertainment in community events, performing any social welfare service ranging from stopping substance abuse and drugs, helping with good cultural education and helping prevent businesses, homes and cars from evil spiritual affection.


It is not as difficult as you may think to become a THO Activist, because the more you are involved the better the chances for your growth and development. Also important is that it creates opportunities for the young and old, and the physically fit and the not so fit to network and support each other. You will, however, generally need to be able to give up a few days of each month for training, which is usually during the cause of the week and they have to be able to respond when an emergency actually occurs. This may entail leaving the comfort of their homes at short notice, so you will need to discuss your possible commitment with your Senior Promoter.